Krudas Cubensi.

martes, 10 de julio de 2012

Krudas Cubensi. (Bio English)

Krudas Cubensi.

Conscious music from Cuba. Krudas Cubensi. 

Odaymara Cuesta and Olivia Prendes are Cuban Hip Hop MCs, Independent Musicians, Poets, Theater Performers 
representing Womyn, Immigrants, Queer and People of Color Action as a Central Part of World Change. 
They choose the art as a weapon to fight against oppression, for justice, for balance, for our rights, to celebrate the life.
They both born, raised in Cuba and began in the ''Artivism'' early in their lives.
-1996: They founded the first vegan and queer activist Art Group in Habana Cuba called
 Cubensi, with Llane Alexis Dominguez. Ciudad Habana (CH). Cuba.
-1999: They form the Hip Hop crew Krudas Cubensi with Odalys Cuesta aka Wanda. CH.
-2000: They founded the Theatre Collectives Giganteria and Tropazancos Cubensi. CH. 
-2003: They recorded their first Album: Cubensi Hip Hop. CH. Cuba.
-2004: They start working as a Hip Hop Duo. CH. Cuba.
-2005: They recorded their second album: Kandela.
-2005: They founded Omegas Kilay, a Womyn Hip Hop Theatre Collective in Habana Cuba
with Dj Leydis, Dj Yary, Danay Suarez, Yanelis aka Nono, Magyory and Eyastefraxis aka La Negra.
-2006: They migrated to United States,  Austin, Tx, International Live Music Capitol.  
-2006-Today: They have performing, recording, giving workshops, educating and touring in The Caribbean, North, 
Central and South America, bringing Cubensi Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Cumbia, Old School, Mixtapes and New Strongly 
Beautiful Beats from all around the World with their Amazing Afro Caribbean Rebel Lyrics & Voices to empower the community, mujeres, people of color, immigrants, queers, workers, anarquistas, feministas.
2012- They start colaborating with Climbing Poetree and Invincible:

Krudas Discography:
-2014: Poderosxs (Powerful)
2014- Outerspaces Power in the margins.
- 2012: Levantate. (Rise up)
- 2009: Krudas Compilacion. (MIxtape) 
- 2007: Resistiendo. (Resisting) 
- 2005: Kandela. (Fire)
- 2003: Cubensi Hip Hop. 

Internationally recognized Krudas Cubensi  has performed in spaces such as:
One Mic Festival. Kenedy Center. Washington DC. 2014
Trinity International Hip Hop Festival 2013.
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. 2011-2012,
Antimili Sonoro Festival. Medellin Colombia 2011.
XI encuentro Feminista Latinoamercano y del Caribe, Mex City 2009.
Kansas  University, Santa Cruz University, New York University, Texas University, New Mexico University, University of Illinois Urbana Champaigne, Lehigh University and Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. 
-House of Blue Theatre (Chicago).
S.O.B.s ( New York City). La Peña Cultural Center (Berkeley Ca). 1st Avenue Theatre (Minneapolis Minnesota).
Brava Theatre (San Francisco. Ca), Canopy Club ( Urbana Illinois),  Blueberry Hill (Saint Louis Mo), 
Cafe Teatro Araba (Puerto Rico), Knickerbockers ( Lincoln Nebraska ) , Granada Theatre (Lawrence Kansas), 
Blue Note (Columbia  Mo), Waiting Room (Omaha Nebraska), Edificio de las Mujeres (San Francisco California), 
Taller Ce (Puerto Rico), Galeria de la Raza (San Francisco Ca) , Picador Theatre (Iowa City), Majestic Theatre 
(Madison Wisconsin), Pabst Theatre (Milwaukee), Blind Pig (Ann Arbor Michigan), Mission Cultural Center 
(SF Ca), Nuyorican Cafe (Puerto Rico), Rialto Theatre (Tucson Arizona)  and many more in 
United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Republica del Salvador and  Guatemala.
In addition, they have had collaborated in various art projects and have performed with artist such as 
Susana Vaca, Godess and She, Climbing Poetree, Invincible, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Boca Floja, La Santa Cecilia, Los Rakas, Lah Tere, Herencia Reggae Band, Obsesion, Moyenei, Rebeldiaz, Advertencia Lirica, Sound Sisters, Joez, Kiawitl, Guerrilla Qeenz, Mano armada,  Explosion Suprema, Anonimo Consejo, Los Paisanos, Randy Akozta, Los Aldeanos, Hermanos de Causa, Paso Firme, D’bi Young, Aya de Leon, Quetzal, Goddessa Alchemy Project, La Bruja, Patty Duke, Rebeldiaz, Olmeca, Son del Centro, Bronouwt, Dj P.O.W, Calmeca, Vocab, Sevilla del Mazo, Buscando el Monte, Francisco Villamizar, Olmeca, R.A.S, Yo Majesty, Sekou Sundiata (RIP) and  many more.

For good people, for the womyn of the world and peace and our mothers, for the resistance by matriarchal cultures, 
 to continue the eternal struggle for a life in balance. Olivia Prendes.
There‘ s not real revolution whithout womyn. Odaymara Cuesta.   

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Kruda in Cuba means raw, unprocessed, unrefined, natural, real, deep. When we migrate to this mexican american land from Cuba we learned krudas also means hangover with the next day's effects, not only alcohol effects but everything in this life' effects, especially our own Cubensi identity's effectsCubensis is a latin word that defines some caribbean area native species. 
Krudas Cubensi: The raw ones native from Cuba and the Caribbean representing in the world.


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